Case studies

PleaseReview today

PleaseReview, productive since July 2012 provides collaborative reviewing and authoring services to around 3000 users now. The number of PleaseReview users has significantly grown and more and more departments are involved within the business.

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Uploading documents from one repository into another is a tedious task, prone to errors caused by subtle differences because of last minute changes. After copying a set of documents, including metadata, from one repository to another, one has to make sure that the copying succeeded, and indeed every content and attribute has been transferred. This requires a validation tool

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Documentum users and administrators sometimes need to import large number of files at a time into a system. The documents may reside in different locations, for example on a desktop computer, or on a remote file share.

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Development of a reporter Add-In – a sample of the Add-In applications

One of the requirements of the Add-In was that it should be able to retrieve data from different web services of our customer and it should create a report from these data. The data are identified by some IDs given by the users. Two Add-Ins are necessary, one for Excel and one for Word which do the same steps. The expected input is a table in a Word document where the user enters the IDs in the first column or an Excel worksheet which contains the IDs in a column. The Add-In fills the cells beside the one containing an ID with the result data belonging to the ID. The final document contains a table with different text, numbers and some images.

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PleaseReview introduction

PleaseReview™ is quite simply a revolution in the collaborative review and co-authoring of documents. Whether you need to review or co-author documents within your department, across the enterprise (inside or outside the firewall) or with your customers, partners and suppliers, PleaseReview expedites the process within its secure, structured and controlled environment.

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