IT Solution Delivery

We are experienced in configuring and customizing existing applications, as well as routinely develop standalone solutions, utilizing wide range of tools and platforms. Our highly qualified staff possesses a wide range of expertise, from developing drug research applications to customization of document management systems.

Computer system support

Our support department is flexible; we tailor our services to client’s requirements. Besides our ITIL qualified application support personnel, we provide an extensive pool of resources for solution architecture, development, application management, operations, productivity and quality management.

IT Service management

The primary focus of our IT services is the satisfaction of our clients. Development and operations of document management system are highly cost and time efficient with our complex Management Service.


DACHS offers Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) consultancy based on the ISO 27001 standard, exploring potential security gaps and applying security risk assessment. Our services also include preparation of required policies, and provisioning of internal training.
Our consultancy service may be a onetime or an ongoing activity, supporting our partners with the goal to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach.

Our Values

We have 20 years of experience in document management and software product development in the life sciences industry. Our experience helps us to support all document management processes within the pharmaceutical and life science industry from research and laboratory, through product registration and Health Authority submission processes to manufacturing and packaging procedures.

We always strive to provide the best solutions according to the specification, whether it is custom development or customization of an existing system. Our personalized support service provides not only professional support staff, but also Application Managers, Business Administrators and Project Managers to meet the needs of our clients. Our competitive pricing model can combine on-site and near-shore services tailored to the client’s requirements.

Reliability is among our most important value. We build our professional and high-quality service based upon decades of experience. Our team consists of highly qualified ITIL certified professionals with rich experience in OpenText (EMC) Documentum and other applications to ensure a reliable, long term partnership with our clients and users.


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Big Pharma Company
IT Application Manager

„The cutover of application transaction was very smooth, on-time and as planned. A special thank you to all of you to make this happen! I know you had to work late evenings and weekends. It’s really appreciated. You were all phenomenal and can’t thank you enough for your dedication to our department!”

Industry Leading Pharma Company
Global Head Document Submissions

„The support from DACHS for PleaseReview has never been anything less than excellent, you and your team ensure we have the strongest support for the application, and as system owner, I never hear anything other than praise about help provided if an issue arises.”

Pharma Research Company
Client Power User

„The support that these two have offered over the past couple of months have been both extremely valuable and recognizable.”

Swiss Pharma Company
Client Senior Manager

„Their approach and communication is a model for what the values and behavior system within our company represents and I am truly happy to be working with them.”

Big Pharma Company
Client Project Manager

„This is an outstanding piece of work which needs an acknowledgement. I brought him a bottle of wine as a personal thank you.”

Pharma Research Company
Client Key Business User

„This support person is customer oriented and followed through on my request and concerns.”

Industry Leading Pharma Company
Global Head Knowledge and Content Management

 „You all are doing a great job. We sometimes complain or challenge you, but altogether you are very good in providing services for a company which is quite demanding with regard to quality and response times.”



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