A tester’s life @DACHS

Black Friday was not the only reason why the end of this month was busy for us. If you have been around Budapest University of Technology and Economics in November 2021, you might have heard about our Test Manager’s presentation given on the 22nd for the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

The aim of the presentation was to provide the younger generation of testers with practical insights on how the validation and testing processes are tailored to the needs of the customers in safety-critical systems.

Enriched with screenshots of live documents, reports and tools, the audience dove with us into the field of test planning, analysis, design, execution, and test closure.

All these activities were compared for the validation procedure of a small internal development project, a client configuration project with medium complexity and a major interface development project spanning through multiple years.

After the presentation, students were given the chance to familiarize themselves with one of the presented tools embedded into the ticketing system they used for their sample project during the semester. Each student performed well and was able to enrich themselves with many valuable gifts from DACHS and even more knowledge capital.

We look forward to providing similar presentation for the students of the upcoming semesters, maybe amended with ongoing AI and Word add in testing projects.