Celebration of the 25th Anniversary

This year, our company is celebrating some big achievements. We’ve reached our 25th anniversary for our GmbH, and our Hungarian Ltd. has been going strong for a decade. To mark these occasions, we have had two events by now.

Company Gathering in July

At the beginning of July a celebration was in our headquarters, in Graphisoft Park, Budapest. Those colleagues who could, attended the event from Basel, Miskolc, and other parts of the country. 

We gathered around 10:00 AM in the Graphisoft Park in Budapest. The weather was beautiful, and we took a pleasant walk in the park. We recreated a photo that we originally took on the 20th anniversary, and we also visited the tree that we planted at the same occasion. We even attempted to form the number “25” with the team members in the park. After we got back from the walk in the park, we sat down to watch some presentations. Ede Faludi, our CEO delivered an interesting retrospective of the past 25 years of the company, from which we could learn many interesting facts. 

After lunch, those who were not entirely full could choose from two types of cakes (in addition to other sweets). It was almost like a wedding, except there was no dancing here. After this, everyone received a little gift: another DACHS backpack, hoping that we will go on many more hikes together, as well as a juggling ball set, which everyone can use to relax a bit from the daily routine. 

To keep the spirit of play alive, we participated in a quiz game related to the company, and those who achieved the best results could be the first to enter the DACHS “time machine,” where they could choose from various gifts from past periods. Of course, there were enough souvenirs for everyone; no one left without a gift. Those who still wanted to play could compete in building a house of cards to showcase their skills. 

It was truly great to meet again, play a little, and have informal conversations. Unfortunately, Rudi Argay, our founder and his wife Piri could not attend the event, but they greeted everyone from afar.

Family Day in September

On another occasion, at the beginning of September, we had a memorable family day at the Oxygen Adrenaline Park. This venue offered something for everyone, from the little ones to the adults, making it a perfect setting for relaxation and fun activities.
We discovered this park through a team game where teams earned points for trying out various activities. These included electric jet skiing, archery, paintball, canopy tours, quads, and bobsleigh. Everyone was enthusiastic about completing the tasks, and it was an excellent opportunity to bond, have fun, and get to know our colleagues and their families, especially those who recently joined us. Plus, it was a chance to meet the babies we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before.

After all the excitement, we took a cable car ride to Sástó for lunch. All the adventures and physical activities had worked up quite an appetite, and no one needed convincing to enjoy the delicious food.
Following lunch, we continued the competition indoors, which was perfect for those who felt a bit weighed down after the meal. Everyone had the opportunity to showcase their drawing, card tower building, and juggling skills. Since we had a house of cards competition in July, it was evident that some participants were already experienced. They employed various styles and learned the best techniques from each other.
It was a cheerful and fulfilling day, and by the end, both young and old were pleasantly tired. Needless to say, bedtime was a breeze that evening. These shared moments remind us of the spirit of our company, one that values both work and play, a spirit that’s been with us for the past 25 years.
With gratitude in our hearts, we’re looking ahead to the future with the same determination and unity that have brought us to this amazing milestone.