Document Management System for submission management for small and mid-sized Life Sciences companies

Looking for a reliable, easy to use, yet not too expensive and complicated document management system specialized for the needs of Life Sciences companies? Start a new level of collaboration with your colleagues and customers locally and worldwide today. Our competitive, secure and reliable content management solution is immediately available in cloud. Complete your documentation in time and in good quality with the use of our predefined structures, automated quality checks and intuitive user interface.

  • Documentation Planning
  • Use predefined documentation structures
  • Create document placeholders
  • Define due dates or milestones
  • Upload batch of documents and their metadata
  • Completeness and Collaboration
  • Track documentation completeness via a clear and real-time view
  • Remind document owners to complete tasks / documents in time
  • Record document properties
  • Check previous versions of documents in version history
  • Use your mobile device on the go
  • Export completed or in-progress document structures
  • Quality Check
  • Identify problematic documents with an automated quality check
  • Get immediate QC results with asynchronous execution in the background
  • Review your documents via an embedded document preview
  • Security
  • Restrict access to appropriate persons and define their responsibilities
  • Ensure inspection readiness with Audit Trail
  • Rely on encrypted repositories and communication channels
  • Sign documents with electronic signatures