Cutting Edge Regulatory Updates and Networking for Regulatory Writers at the GPRAS

GPRAS global pharmaceutical regulatory affairs summit 2023 belgium

DATE: 23rd – 25th OCTOBER 2023

Join DACHS at the GPRAS (Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit), which is a prominent event in the field of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. The Summit gathers professionals and experts to discuss key topics, recent developments, challenges, and future directions in the field of regulatory affairs.

Hybrid Exhibition by DACHS at the GPRAS

We are excited to announce that DACHS is exhibiting at the GPRAS not only in person but also virtually. You can connect with us also through our digital booth this year and check out our newest products and solutions from anywhere around the world.

Meet our team of experts at Booth #19 or join our digital exhibition and discuss how our software solutions can save you time and effort. We are also interested in discussing which new features we should implement in our software to make the work of regulatory professionals easier. And while discussing the essentials why not try some real Swiss chocolate?

About DACHS’s Solutions

DACHS, with over 25 years of experience, takes pride in providing exceptional document improvement solutions and services to meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical regulatory industry. 

OnStyle: State of the Art MS Word Add-in

We proudly introduce OnStyle, a revolutionary software designed to accelerate document authoring in MS Word. Besides offering special authoring functions, it effortlessly identifies and rectifies technical compliance issues, eliminating inconsistencies and inaccuracies. With an intuitive user interface, achieving compliance with predefined formatting standards has never been easier. 

OnStyle assures:

  • Document formatting based on strict guidelines 
  • Identification of 100+ and correction of 60+ compliance issues  
  • Significantly faster document authoring
  • Assistance in complying with predefined formatting standards
  • Consistent PDF rendering
  • And much more…

OnTrack: an Advanced Web-based PDF Validator Tool

OnTrack, our automated PDF validation system proactively identifies more than 50 hard to find technical compliance issues within PDFs before they become part of dossiers. 

OnTrack PDF Validator as a web-based service:

  • Automatically checks document quality
  • Identifies 50+ compliance problems 
  • Allows you to perform health authority–specific PDF validation
  • Supports fully automated validation of hundreds of documents
  • Generates a comprehensive downloadable validation report

Let’s Learn from Each Other at Booth 19

Meet us at Booth Nr.19 or online at our digital booth throughout the event!

If you can’t attend the summit, contact us on our website .


Image by Joaquin Aranoa from Pixabay

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay