Ede Faludi joined DACHS at the Budapest office in 1997 focusing on delivering Documentum and document management systems values to pharmaceutical clients. He moved to Basel, Switzerland, in 1999 to more closely and effectively support a strategic account. In 2007, he assumed the role of CEO. Since then, he has been instrumental in building out and expanding DACHS’ technical and business horizons from content management application development to support and to product management; and from serving single pharma department to multiple divisions for two of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ede is continually recognized for his exceptional leadership and strong partnerships with client senior management.

Ede’s two decades of hands-on content management and life science research technology experience has enabled and solidified DACHS’ presence. He is passionate about managing and delivering IT values within strong regulated industries and environments. Very often, he also serves the role of CTO in guiding technology products development. Several products are currently and actively being utilized by their pharmaceutical clients.

He holds a MSC degree in mathematics from ELTE Budapest and enjoys hiking and skiing with his family in the Alps.

Director of Business Development

István Agg joined DACHS in 2016 after two decades of professional experience in the United States and several consulting assignments in the EU before relocating to Hungary in 2002. He is responsible for Business Development, tasked with searching out new business opportunities for our consulting services and software application product offerings.

His professional experience started at AT&T Bell Laboratories as a software engineer, followed by positions at various divisions of Motorola, where he also advanced into project management. After leaving the Chicago area, he settled in Budapest and provided consultancy services for various companies, from start-ups to multinational firms, such as Hewlett Packard and Syngenta. Additionally, he worked for The Regus Group in London, UK before joining DACHS. In his past assignments he contributed to a wide range of industries: wireless telecommunications, mobile technology, GPS navigation systems, global payroll outsourcing and various other outsourcing projects.

István graduated from DeVry University with BSEET and Illinois Institute of Technology with MSCS in Chicago, Illinois. He also earned a dual MBA degree from Purdue University, Krannert School of Management in West Lafayette, Indiana and Universiteit van Tilburg in The Netherlands.

Head of Support Services

Szilárd Nagy has over 10 years of industry experience in IT Services, ranging from small and medium businesses to global corporations. He has extensive knowledge in IT Service Management, particularly in the areas of service design, transition and service operations within the life sciences sector.

Starting his career in Budapest, Hungary, Szilárd worked for local companies in technical IT positions before joining DACHS in 2010. After gaining valuable hands-on experience in the company’s application support teams, he was given increasing responsibility from 2012 onwards in managing the lifecycle and operations of numerous software applications, including mission critical solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. After relocating to Basel, Switzerland, in the next few years Szilárd participated in numerous client service and project contracts, successfully leading several operational support and project teams.

Since 2017, Szilárd Nagy has been the head of DACHS Support Services, managing all service operations contracts with DACHS clients. With the company’s internal IT and operations added to his responsibilities in 2018, he is now acting as department head, responsible for all client-side and internal activities in the field of service operations within DACHS

Application Developer

Sándor Szilágyi joined DACHS in 2002 with more than 15 years experience in software planning/development and numerous software application support field.

Initially, he joined the company as a software developer and started his career at DACHS, where he learned about corporate client software systems and needs and worked in the implementation and customization of document management systems. He shortly  participated in founding a rapidly expanding application support system where he performed 2nd and 3rd level technical and expertise activities. Once these application support systems expanded, he performed key duties in an application support coordinator role.

Among the above-mentioned activities aimed at accommodating growing corporate client needs, he participated in the development of electronic document management systems, where he was involved in the planning and implementation of globally distributed server and client systems for small and medium software applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Solution Delivery Manager

Zoltán Kovács has been acting as a Solution Delivery Manager at DACHS since 2017, dealing with customer relations, offer preparation/tracking, customer interest representation as well as resource management besides project management. Zoltán joined our team in 2010 and since then he has managed several successful projects, initiated new IT solutions and created new services not only for customers, but also internally, for the company itself.

During his nearly 20-year professional career he has worked in a range of various IT areas, within several industrial fields. Initially, he dealt with IT security, central enterprise network and IT infrastructure management. Subsequently, he gained more experience in web application development and infrastructure operations for small business clients. Furthermore, he took part in the establishment of an IT start-up business – working in the financial and insurance sectors – where he acted as an IT manager.

For DACHS clients in the pharmaceutical field, he has performed duties in the Test Manager role in application validation processes. As a Solution Architect, he participated in the establishment and integration of the PleaseReview application. He built up the Microsoft Office Macro Development Support service as a Service Manager. As a Developer, he was involved in the Documentum D2 based application development and later he supported the development of these applications as a Project Manager.

Zoltan graduated at the University of Miskolc with an MSc degree in Information engineering, BSc of Economics engineering and Electrical engineering. The successful projects of recent years stand proof to his professional experience as well as superb customer management skills.

Office Manager

András Frontó has been involved in DACHS since 2001. Initially, he was employed as an external co-worker before becoming a full-time employee from 2009. Since then, he has worked in numerous positions (administration, human resource management, operations) for DACHS. Currently, he’s the office manager of the Budapest office with operational responsibilities as his main task.

He worked as a research fellow (astronomer) for the Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, for 14 years (1986-2000). At the same time, he developed and operated pharmacy systems as an entrepreneur for more than a decade.

He has an MSc in Physics and Astronomy and graduated from Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest, in 1986.

Solution Architect

Szabolcs Óra is a Document Management expert with 15 years of experience in the Life Science industry, specializing in OpenText Documentum.

As a Solutions Architect, he has been responsible for taking systems from conception to implementation and beyond. His experience in validated environments includes functional and requirements definition and specification, system architecture design, specification and implementation, preparation and execution of all relevant stages of computerized systems validation.

He worked as a Systems Engineer Consultant on various projects, such as migrating the majority of applications to a thin-client platform at the Budapest Sewage Works before joining DACHS in 2003. Initially, he worked as an Application Developer and Technical Supporter, however after realizing the potential of his excellent analytical skills, he began focusing on Application Architecture.

Over the years, he contributed to the successful delivery of solutions and systems in the Document Management area for a Big Pharma company and has become the Lead Technology Solution Architect of a large DMS application with 15000+ users. After relocating to Basel, Switzerland in 2009, he also acted as the on-site Service and Solution Delivery Manager.

In recent years, he was involved in over 20 projects as a Senior Architect and Documentum expert, expanding his profile to architecting Cloud based systems, particularly on the Amazon Web Services platform. He has been a Blockchain and Distributed Ledger enthusiast since 2017, focusing on Blockchain enabled Healthcare, Supply Chain as well as IoT applications.

Solution Delivery Manager

Szabolcs Fodor is a senior IT expert with 20 years of experience in application development and 15 years in project management. His passion is to design and develop user-friendly software applications that make people happier when completing their daily work.

He gained extensive experience in the content management field over the last 10 years. These particularly include the customization and delivery of Documentum systems and the development of special applications for pharma companies, such as TMF tracking, virtual folder view, batch uploader, reporter generator and data clean-up tools.

Szabolcs has excellent skills to keep his project team focused even in challenging circumstances. He is in close connection with his team, who have been working together for several years. This is the strength of the team in difficult situations, allowing them to work effectively and react quickly to variable challenges.