3+1 tips for Medical Writers

3+1 tips how you can dramatically reduce time spent on formatting Word documents with OnStyle, especially in regulated environments

OnStyle is an MS-Word Extension that allows you to manage style and formatting of documents based on a pre-defined set of compliance rules. It allows you to check and automate fixing compliance discrepancies and generate multiple formatted outputs for various client requirements. In a nutshell, OnStyle eliminates the cumbersome manual formatting inspections and aids with fixing inconsistencies.

Sometimes it is rather frustrating and time consuming to correct document formatting. Especially it is in a regulated environment, where you must meet special requirements, for example the stringent FDA submission criteria. Instead of performing manual inspections and spending timeless hours on formatting, you may follow some of these simple tips:

Tip 1.: Create consistent internal templates

If you do not already use templates for your documents, create one or more that are tailored to your company brand, or to your client’s requirements.

Control these templates by RuleSets. RuleSets are your pre-defined set of document formatting requirements, that will constrain the document formatting to your specified requirements and check for any discrepancy against your specified requirements.

Tip 2.: Switch between multiple documents styles required by your clients by a single click

Once you create a document or import an external document and it is corrected by an OnStyle RuleSet, it is a single click to switch to another RuleSet to produce a document for other client with different formatting requirements.

Tip 3.: Correct Excel tables easily in Word documents

Your imported Excel table will hardly ever be in the format you intended for, and to correct it at times is cumbersome. You may highlight your table and with a menu selection you can reformate the table to a given pre-defined table format and content styles.

+1 Tip: Save time and workload

Do you spend laborious hours and hours with manual inspection of huge documents and fixing their formatting discrepancies manually? Do you ever miss formatting errors that leads to submission delays?

With OnStyle you can dramatically reduce your editing and formatting effort of Word documents. Besides increasing your production, you also eliminate mistakes occurring due to manual inspections and corrections.

Next time: you will hear about the unused bookmarks. What are they? Are they harmful?

If you would like to know more about the OnStyle MS-Word Extension, please schedule a demo with us. Contact us via pr@dachs.ch.

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