OnStyle: A Practical Webinar- Unlocking the Power of Word Document Validation

Join us for our upcoming free webinar as we uncover the transformative potential of OnStyle. Would you rather focus on content creation, than constantly checking if your Word document meets rigorous HA guidelines? Feel like you could utilize your time better, not to mention the dedicated effort?

We know that feeling. For that reason, we created OnStyle, an advanced authoring and validation Word extension tool. Functioning as both an inspector and a creator, OnStyle simplifies the task of adhering to predefined company or industry formatting standards. By automatically identifying non-compliant formatting elements within documents, OnStyle eliminates the need for manual detection, saving valuable time and effort.

Webinar Learning Objectives

Key Functions

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll introduce several key functions of OnStyle to streamline your document authoring process. These include:

  • Internal Linking: OnStyle offers advanced linking tools surpassing Word’s native options, enhancing document navigation and organization. These can help with linking, cross references or hyperlinks.
  • Converting Nonstandard Style: OnStyle simplifies the conversion of nonstandard document styles to standard formats, enhancing document uniformity and compliance.
  • Abbreviation: OnStyle facilitates the creation of abbreviation tables, leveraging customizable Pharma dictionaries to expedite the process and ensure accuracy.
  • Applying Table Style: OnStyle streamlines the application of table styles, allowing for efficient formatting adjustments and ensuring consistency across documents.

We will showcase some of OnStyle’s most useful validation features, each designed to streamline document quality control and enhance accuracy. These include:

  • Simplified detection and resolution of table issues through intuitive inspection modules.
  • Efficient checks and fixes for abbreviation tables, ensuring document integrity.
  • Automated inspections for hyperlink-related issues, enhancing document navigation and usability.

What else lies within?

Lastly, we will introduce some of the many more interesting modules in OnStyle, showcasing their versatility in addressing common document validation challenges. These include:

  • Correction of manual page breaks: Automatically detects and replaces manual page breaks with soft page breaks for smoother document flow.
  • Nonstandard page layout detection and correction: Identifies sections with nonstandard page sizes or margin settings, offering easy correction options.
  • Hidden text identification and management: Lists text parts with hidden properties and allows users to remove or revert hidden settings as needed.
  • Instructional style detection and removal: Highlights text formatted with instructional styles for easy removal, streamlining document cleanup.
  • Character formatting analysis and cleanup: Identifies and groups findings of character-level formatting inconsistencies, offering automated cleanup.
  • Paragraph formatting detection and correction: Recognizes paragraph-related changes such as “keep with next” or “page break before,” and offers automatic removal.

OnStyle’s validation modules are powerful tools for uncovering hard-to-find or hidden issues within documents and providing effective solutions for quick one-click or bulk correction, ensuring document integrity and compliance effortlessly.

Who is This Webinar for?

• Authors in need of a less frustrating way to format Word files following strict guidelines,
• Technical and clinical authors, especially regulatory medical writers, and editors
• Intermediate to advanced users of MS Word

The Experts Presenting

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts László Rivnyák, Account Manager and Business Analyst, and Zoltán Kovács, Solution Delivery Manager.

László Rivnyák, Account Manager and Business Analyst

Laszlo brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of information technology, coupled with a strong background in development. He has accumulated over a decade of expertise specifically in healthcare IT, with a primary focus on Medical Devices (Siemens Healthineers), where he gained experience as both an analyst and a product owner. Presently, he is engaged in the realm of life science document management, tackling Word formatting issues as a Business Analyst for the DACHS OnStyle project.

With a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering and another Master of Science degree in Engineering Economics, Laszlo possesses a solid educational foundation to complement his professional achievements.

Zoltán Kovács, Solution Delivery Manager
Zoltán is a specialist in submission-related Word formatting issues and their fixes, with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of IT roles and more than 10 years of experience in developing solutions for managing life sciences documents.
He contributed to Microsoft Office Macro development and the creation of integrations and add-ons to PleaseReview and OpenText Documentum D2.
He is currently in charge of the ongoing development of OnStyle, DACHS’s answer to Word formatting issues.
He has a BSc in Electrical engineering, an MSc in Information engineering, and a BSc in Economics engineering. The recent, successful projects are evidence of his professional background and top-notch customer management abilities.

How to Register?

Join us in this webinar and unlock more efficiency and precision in your medical writing journey. Register now to get closer to hassle-free document preparation and submission. Your expertise deserves nothing less!

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