DACHS Computing & Biosciences GmbH and its subsidiaries (hereinafter called DACHS) is a dynamically evolving company operating in the field of software development and support, and vocational consulting for more than 25 years. To comply with the requirements of the owners, the management, customer and legal requirements at the highest possible level, our company has developed and operating an integrated management system, which consists of three subsystems:

  • An ISO 9001 standard compliant quality management system to continually improve the quality of our products and services and the effectiveness of customer contact.
  • The aim of our ISO/IEC 27001 standard compliant information security management system is to protect all forms of client information. We recognise that the majority of our activity is bound to an industry (the medical industry), where information has strategic importance for our customers as well as for ourselves. Therefore we need to pay the highest attention to the proper handling of business secrets and personal information to protect confidentiality, integrity and required availability of these information.
  • We carry out every application support and application management activity for our customers in the framework of the ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard based IT service management system. The aim of this system is to provide our services at the level that meets customer requirements.

Our endeavor to continuously comply our customer’s requirements means

  • continual training of our colleagues;
  • controlling and developing  the quality, level and security of our services;
  • continually developing our environment according to the requirements;
  • maintaining information security that meets customer requirements;
  • paying attention to the legal, customer and standard requirements and our intent to comply with these at the highest level, which is supported by regular, independent reviews of our operation.

We perform our activities at our own sites and customer sites respecting relevant policies, contracts, agreed service levels and legal requirements. The commitment of our colleagues is of highest importance to maintain information security. The loyalty of our highly trained experts is the basis to effectively achieve our goals in quality, service management and information handling, therefore we continually improve our management system by relying on constructive cooperation of our colleagues.

We also expect our suppliers and contractors to comply with the above guidelines, so that they contribute to the achievement of our goals with their activities.

Besides complying customer requirements at the highest levels, by reducing costs we intend to improve our competitiveness, to obtain and keep trust of our customers and other interested parties.

Basel, 29th of November 2023