DACHS is maintaining personal data of customer company employees (covering data related to personal identification and position) to work effectively and maintain customer relationships. The data types managed may differ in conjunction with customer company employee relationship, but may not exceed the following:

Customer employee

  • name,
  • position (if given),
  • email address (if given),
  • work and/or private phone number (if given),
  • picture (recording of security cameras at the Budapest office entrances).

DACHS is managing employee personal data of clients, that are given in the contract between the parties (signatories, contacts). The personal data in these cases are originated from the client, and therefore DACHS assumes consent of the affected.

Next to the Budapest office entrance doors there are upfront signs to indicate that recorded security camera system is in operation. The retention time of the recordings is 7 days, which can only be extended by a manager who is authorized to view the recordings in case of

  • security event detected, or
  • a written request from anyone, whose right or interest is affected by the recording.

DACHS is contacting certain client company employees during its customer satisfaction surveys. These contacts are exclusively made through contact information already given for the business relationship and answering is voluntary. Processing of the answers is aimed exclusively to develop DACHS processes, the answers given cannot be used for any other purposes.

DACHS declares, that it is managing personal data only to exert right or fulfil duty. Managed data are never used for personal purposes, data management complies to the principle of targeted usage. Should the objective of a certain data management cease or prove to be illegal, data will be deleted.

The management of the customer data always complies to the operative Hungarian law, primarily to the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, and to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Natural persons who are directly or indirectly identifiable based on the personal information, can request information on the management of, or ask for rectification or deletion of its personal data, comment, object or protest its data management. The data subject shall forward its request addressed to the head of the HR department to the address, which will be answered without undue delay, but within 15 days as a maximum.

Data subjects may also make a complaint to the Hungarian authority for data protection: