Welcome the Brand New OnTrack Logo

We worked together with DEKORATIO Branding and Design Studio to create a logo for OnTrack, our software solution for automated PDF validation. As OnTrack is in the same product ‘family’ as OnStyle, we tried to come up with a logo that shows this connection. So we aimed to stick with the oval form and combine the O and T characters as the O and S characters are combined in the OnStyle logo. If you haven’t noticed the characters in the logos already, then take a good look at them again. Can you see the T in OnTrack?

We were experiencing with several color variations, but in the end we returned to the good old ‘DACHS blue’. We still like this color. It is a fun fact, that most of our employees probably belong to the blue personality type (based on the DISC personality test). “A DISC blue type is a good problem solver because they have an eye for detail and see what many others miss. This also makes this personality extremely creative. In a team, they are the sense of reality who thinks everything through and realistically assesses the consequences of decisions.”(source:

We hope that you also like the logo and now, as you have some background information about it, you can enjoy looking at it and seeing a bit more than before.

OnTrack and OnStyle

Our products support the entire process of compliant document authoring and review from template creation to final compliance check:

OnStyle as a MS Word add-in:

  • significantly speeds up document authoring
  • helps you to comply with predefined formatting standards
  • automatically identifies and fixes compliance issues
  • ensures consistent PDF rendering

OnTrack PDF Validator as a web-based service

  • allows you to perform health authority–specific PDF validation
  • supports fully automated validation of hundreds of documents
  • identifies 50+ compliance problems
  • generates a comprehensive downloadable validation report

Spend your time on content creation and rely on our extremely powerful tools to produce high-quality submission-ready documents.