Revolutionizing PDF Validation with New Features and Enhancements

We are thrilled to introduce OnTrack 2.1.0 with new updates and features, making PDF validation more seamless and less time-consuming! With a focus on improving user experience, OnTrack 2.1.0 introduces several key updates and changes that are set to redefine how you work with PDFs. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into these updates, exploring each new feature and enhancement in detail. Stay tuned to learn how OnTrack 2.1.0 can transform your PDF validation process, making it more streamlined and user-friendly than ever before!

A Quick Overview

  1. Support Multiple Languages: Validation capabilities to encompass Japanese documents, affording users the ability to seamlessly validate in both English and Japanese, with the interface elements and communication primarily in English.
  2. Recognize OCR Text: Validate scanned document pages.
  3. Ensure that all bookmarks are included in the Table of Contents (TOC)Embrace automated compliance assurance with a new validation rule. The tool assesses whether all bookmarks are reflected in the Table of Contents (TOC), with potential outcomes categorized.
  4. Metrics Reporting: Analyze productivity with a new tool. The Metrics feature allows users to analyze productivity with predefined presets or custom queries, offering options like query type, Workspaces, aggregation (Sum or Average), duration, and granularity. After running the report, users can export results to Excel for easy access.
  5. IAM/SSO: Embrace a simplified user access experience with Single Sign-On integration. If enabled, members of relevant Active Directory groups can log in using SSO credentials.
  6. Check Consistency with Page Numbers on Title Page: Elevate document integrity with a new validation rule. This rule checks if the page number information on the cover page matches the total number of pages in the document, with possible outcomes categorized.
  7. Commenting Feature for Manual QC: Experience streamlined communication and enhanced collaboration with your colleagues. The commenting function, previously exclusive to failed Validation Result items, is now extended to Manual Quality Checks (Manual QCs).
  8. Validation Report Generation with Selective Options: Empower users to generate comprehensive validation reports tailored to their needs. Users can generate two types of validation reports: one that lists all findings or another that details failed items only.

Detailed Insights into OnTrack 2.1.0’s Latest Features

Support Multiple Languages

In the latest iteration of OnTrack, we have broadened our validation capabilities to encompass Japanese documents, ensuring a more inclusive user experience. This enhancement allows users to seamlessly validate documents in both English and Japanese. It’s important to note that the primary language for failure messages, validation reports, and the user interface remains English.

Recognize OCR Text

Say goodbye to manual scrutiny of scanned pages! The most recent version of OnTrack is equipped to validate scanned pages as well. Documents scanned with OCR can be automatically checked for technical compliance.

Check that All Bookmarks are Present in TOC

A new Validation Rule has been introduced to check whether all bookmarks are also presented in the Table of Contents (TOC). The possible results are as follows:

In the case of a passed validation, it indicates that a TOC item is provided for each bookmark. Conversely, a failed validation suggests that a TOC item is not provided for each bookmark. If the PDF does not contain any bookmarks, the result is marked as N/A.

Metrics Reporting

Embrace the convenience of metrics reporting. Users can utilize Metrics reporting to collect data and monitor the usage and performance of one or multiple Workspaces. Users have the option to use predefined Metric Presets or customize a query for themselves. The Metrics dialog box allows users to select Metric Presets or run customized queries, providing detailed bar charts for easy interpretation. Results can be exported and downloaded to an Excel sheet with just a click for seamless access and convenience.  


Users who are members of the relevant customer-side Active Directory groups can log in to OnTrack with their SSO login credentials on the OnTrack login page.

Check Consistency with Page Numbers on Title Page

Say hello to enhanced document integrity! Another newly introduced Validation Rule examines whether there is page number information on the cover page and verifies its consistency with the total number of pages in the document. The outcomes may result in a Passed validation, indicating that the total number of pages in the document matches the indication on the cover page. Conversely, a Failed validation implies that the page number is not consistent with the information on the cover page.

Commenting Feature for Manual QC

The same commenting function as for failed Validation Result items is now available for Manual QCs. Comments entered on the Manual QC tab will also appear in the Validation Report. This enables a more efficient and transparent workflow, empowering users to address and track issues with greater ease.

Validation Report Generation with Selective Options Commencing from this version, users have the capability to generate two distinct types of validation reports. They can opt to produce a comprehensive report encompassing all items, or alternatively, generate a report specifically focused on failed items. Notably, a validation report concentrating on failed items filters out any passed validation results, and it also includes details on unanswered Manual QC items.

OnTrack’s Present and Future

These are the main features of OnTrack 2.1.0, paired with a multitude of behind-the-scenes adjustments. For further details, kindly reach out to us via this e-mail: [email protected]. Our dedication extends to continual expansion and refinement of OnTrack, promising more updates in the future.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to helping you achieve even smoother PDF validation with OnTrack.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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