AI-powered software that creates a single view of all your technical data

Viewport eliminates the need to remember which system has the information you need. Viewport provides a single portal to all your information, no matter where it is stored. powered by Radial SG is an independent software provider that serves the process industry. helps organizations to revolutionize their asset documentation management. The company is dedicated to reducing risk and facilitating decision-making by providing instant access to reliable, trustworthy, and up-to-date information.

Why adopt Viewport?

Process industry is continuously looking for ways to optimize its operational processes by adapting reliable technology.  Plant & site operators and engineers struggle to find the right information to perform their job efficiently.


Achieve improved performance by decreasing search times and enhance decision making by augmenting information context.

Safety & Compliance

Enhance safety and compliance, which are key to the operation of the business and, to secure a License to Operate. Make audits a simple task with no surprises.

Risk Management

Manage risk by increasing amount of (real-time) data available at your fingertips.

We partnered with Radial SG, a Dutch company providing asset documentation management software. With this partnership we enhance Radial SG’s territorial coverage to include Central-Eastern Europe, while we also enrich DACHS’ products and services with an AI-powered software that creates a single view of all your technical data.

Our target region is, but not limited to Switzerland, Germany, and Central-Eastern Europe.

How DACHS GmbH can help?

As a value-added partner of and an Enterprise Content Management expert DACHS can help:

• Assist in assessing the benefits of Viewport in your operational processes
• Provide a proof of concept to demonstrate operational efficiency improvements
• Perform installation and configuration in your environment
• Provide customer training
• Provide maintenance and ongoing support for Viewport

Over 400 installed Viewport systems across the globe and with 100% renewal rates, you cannot go wrong!


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