Achieve Regulatory Excellence

DATE: 12th – 14th FEBRUARY, 2024 

Join DACHS at the Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum, a conference dealing with the operational efficiency of the management of regulatory information to ensure quality regulatory submission to health authorities. Learn about current and evolving data standards and requirements and effective regulatory information management approaches to align related people, processes, and technology.

The forum is featuring: 27 educational sessions, 90+ diverse speakers from regulatory, industry and academia, 8 networking opportunities, 30+ exhibitors & sponsors, 4 hosted case study spotlights, 2 pre-forum virtual Short Courses, 1 pre-forum hybrid Primer, and more.

DACHS Exhibits at RSIDM

We are excited to take part in DIA’s RSIDM event for the first time as an exhibitor. We are looking forward to

  • Knowledge sharing, and education
  • Networking with regulatory professionals from around the world

Check out our newest products and solutions that will inspire you to consider increasing productivity dealing with documents. We especially would like to showcase our OnStyle and OnTrack PDF Validator software. You are welcome to stop by our booth, enjoy some swiss chocolate and have a small talk about your challenges with document validation/formatting/linking/referencing. We are interested in which new features we should implement in our software to make the work of regulatory professionals easier.

Our products can support the entire process of compliant document authoring and review from template creation to final compliance check:

OnStyle as a MS Word add-in:

  • Document formatting based on strict guidelines 
  • Identification and correction of compliance issues  
  • significantly speeds up document authoring
  • helps you to comply with predefined formatting standards
  • ensures consistent PDF rendering

OnTrack PDF Validator as a web-based service

  • Automatic document quality checking 
  • Identification of 50+ compliance problems 
  • allows you to perform health authority–specific PDF validation
  • supports fully automated validation of hundreds of documents
  • generates a comprehensive downloadable validation report

Spend your time on content creation and rely on our extremely powerful tools to produce submission-ready documents of the highest quality.

Use our custom discount code: DACHS24RSIDM to get 150 USD off your registration fee.

Link to Registration Page: https://www.diaglobal.org/en/conference-listing/meetings/2024/02/regulatory-submissions-information-and-document-management-forum/register#showcontent

Link to Agenda: https://www.diaglobal.org/en/conference-listing/meetings/2024/02/regulatory-submissions-information-and-document-management-forum/agenda#showcontent

Meet us at booth Nr. 313 to get access to our solutions that may be a game changer for your regulatory team.


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